Why GDC?


There are at least nine reasons below.

Why am I a member of the GDC?

I joined the GDC as a student; it was a fun social outlet and an introduction to the industry. I needed a way to maintain the sense of community and creative energy that I experienced in school. Attending events hosted by the GDC has given me the opportunity to hear various perspectives and share stories. Sometimes, working as a graphic designer can feel isolating. It’s important to me to stay connected with the industry.

Stephanie Besselt O’Leary, CGD™

Designer & Illustrator   |   Member since 2002

Why am I a member of the GDC?

I am a part of the GDC because I believe in collaborative synergy, the common development of best practices (regarding professionalism, ethics, and efficacy) and the concept of collective power—we are stronger together than we are as individuals.

Robert L. Peters, CGD™, FGDC

Designer & Educator   |   Member since 1985

Why am I a member of the GDC?

I support the GDC because of the work it does to better the industry and the status of designers throughout Canada. I also appreciate the GDC’s initiatives in public education that help the general public develop a better understanding of what we, as graphic designers, creative communicators and design thinkers do.

Kevin Guenther, CGD™

Designer & Illustrator   |   Member since 1999

Why am I a member of the GDC?

From a professional perspective, the GDC helps me connect with my industry, and from an educational perspective, I believe that I'm setting an example for my students. I encourage them to become members and take advantage of the opportunities GDC membership offers like scholarships, workshops, resources and social events that give them a chance to network with industry professionals. It gives me great pleasure to know that presently there are many professional members of the GDC that were once students of mine.

Frank Reimer, CGD™

Designer & Educator   |   Member since 1994

Why am I a member of the GDC?

I love great design and nothing excites me more than seeing my work be a part of it. Being an associate member of the GDC supports the design community that is showcasing my talents through theirs. Now more than ever I feel the GDC plays an important role within our design community, educating and fostering the talent that will continue to help it grow.

Ian McCausland

Photographer   |   Member since 1989

Why am I a member of the GDC?

As creative director of a team of designers for one of Manitoba's largest advertising agencies, and a GDC member for many years, I cannot overstate the importance of mentorship. Helping guide the careers of the next generation of designers is not something I take lightly. Being a member of today's creative industry can be exhilarating yet daunting for young designers—they need to seek inspiration from credible examples of excellence. And in an industry constantly in flux with trends pushing designers to explore multiple knowledge domains, having a support and reporting mechanism is more important than ever.

Ron Sawchuk, CGD™

Designer & Creative Director   |   Member since 1989

Why am I a member of the GDC?

I’m a designer by trade and have been a member of the GDC since moving to Manitoba from the U.K. One of the key elements I need to be a successful creative is to surround myself with talented people who I admire, and who inspire me with their work, vision and dedication. The GDC provides the environment to foster these relationships and strives to share knowledge and ideas, which I believe is fundamental to the success, integrity and growth of the creative industry.

Dave Hardy, CGD™

Designer & Creative Director   |   Member since 2008

Why am I a member of the GDC?

I joined the GDC for many reasons. My primary motivation was to align with an organization that, through membership, would provide a professional designation that could help build credibility and validate the expertise of my in-house design team. I also thought it would be an excellent place to source new talent when growing this team in the future. What I have gained is a professional network of peers who are equally committed to the discipline of graphic design.

Sylvie Desjarlais, CGD™

Designer & Creative Director   |   Member since 2011

Why are we members of the GDC?

The GDC embodies everything we aspire to: great design combined with ethical and professional business practices. It connects us to exceptional people across the country who share our passion and perspective. To us, membership is about participating and taking pride in our profession.

Paul Tétrault, CGD™ and Andrea Tétrault, CGD™

Designers & Creative Directors   |   Member since 1993


GDC® has been Canada’s national certification body for graphic and communication designers since 1956, establishing professional standards and actively regulating professional conduct. GDC® is a member-based organization of design professionals, educators, administrators, students and affiliates in communications, marketing, media and design-related fields.



The CGD™ mark is the only certification mark for graphic and visual communication design in Canada. GDC® licenses the unique CGD™ Certification mark only to designers, educators and administrators whose services meet rigorous, standardized criteria. The CGD™ certification mark is nationally recognized as the mark of professional work standards and ethical business conduct.


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